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Emergency Contraception - A right option for Young People ?

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) provides an option to the young women to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy if it is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Especially amongst young people, contraception use rate is low and inconsistence, compared to the adult women. On the other hand, due to socio-economic and cultural transitions, more and more young people are becoming sexually active but they lack access and control on the regular contraception and their sexual behavior is unpredictable that hinders systematic use of contraceptives. In such a situation use of ECPs is a safety measure in the hands of young people.


In the contemporary world, sexuality is no longer a matter of private concern. There are many channels and sources which are feeding young mind but sadly in an inappropriate and incomplete manner. One can’t bear to be aloof or detached to this information irrespective of their willingness. In the current situation, where sexuality education is denied to young people, they become more vulnerable to the risk of teenage/ adolescent pregnancy. The growing number of pregnancy and heath related complications among the adolescents and children, due to early pregnancy, is testimony to the problem mentioned above. In such situation, ECPs can be a useful tool in the hand of adolescents to avoid pregnancy.       


Use of condom largely a male privilege, but women face and suffer from the burden of unintended pregnancy the most. Moreover, if condom fails to provide protection or women forget to use other methods of contraception, ECPs becomes the safe method of prevention from unwanted pregnancy.


On the other hand, many a time women, especially the young one, becomes the victim of sexual violence, which may lead to unwanted pregnancy. The social cost of pregnancy before marriage, in our present gender context, is more intolerable than the violence. It may ruin her socially, physically and psychologically. In such a situation ECPs can help her and the family from double victimization and protect their dignity.


However, it is important that young men and women know about ECPs, so that if they have unprotected sex and find themselves facing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy and its health and social consequences, they could use it to prevent them from other occurrences and consequences.


The promotion of Emergency Contraceptive Pills is going to create a big social and ethical problem in the future. Sexuality, pregnancy and abortion- these are vital but most private issue of our family and society. Issue of abortion is considered a family matter where joint decisions are taken by the senior members of the family. With the use of ECPs the matter would become individual, multiplying the problems in the family and affecting love, affection and relationships and at large extent family culture.


Moreover, the ECPs are going to be a dangerous tool in the hand of married as well as unmarried women. It may provide option and freedom to the young unmarried women to indulge in unsafe/immoral sexual activities without the fear of pregnancy. In addition it will provide the married women an option for engaging themselves into extramarital/ multiple sexual relations resulting into divorce, violence and total collapse of family relations in the absence of trust between partners.


Apart from ethical and family level problems, the ECPs could create immense health related troubles. The promotion of these pills may lead to its regular and frequent use, affecting health of larger population. Once fear of pregnancy has gone, it may decrease the use of condom as a preventive measure against HIV and AIDS and that would be a counter productive on all the effort, which is being made to fight against HIV and AIDS.


Therefore, to protect the family fabric, culture, ethics and the whole world, the ECPs should not be encouraged at all.  



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Should young women be encouraged to use Emergency Contraceptive Pills?







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