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Welcome to this section. If you are looking for..........

The Resource Centre is envisaged as a ‘clearing house’ for education and training materials on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of young people and provides information and services to various stake holders, policy makers, programmers and young people themselves on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

 E - Library

The E-Library is equipped with the online access catalogue of the collection of books/reports, Articles and Journal Articles for disseminating information to a wider audience.  The database covers the bibliographic details of the collection and can be searched by the author, title and keywords (descriptors).    

Media Updates

Media monitor tracks the newspaper reports and articles in the leading national dailies and magazines from across the country and maintains a database on important news, views and events related to sexual and reproductive health in the print media. These can be accessed physically at the resource centre or accessed online through the related link.   


Click here to view the list of publications. These publications document the organisation’s experience in the area of YRSHR. The publications include training manuals, working papers and reviews on key issues within YRSHR and are available on request.  

 Theme Based...

This section attempts to bring more clarity on sexual and reproductive health issues relevant to program mangers and service providers working with young people, through a theme-based article. Sources are mentioned at the end of the article for future reference. Click here to view the current article.   


This is a Discussion group, which is purely email based and is an interactive forum for information sharing, dialogue, discussion and debate on issues concerning Young people’s Reproductive and Sexual Health with a gender and rights perspective. It is also an initiative to strengthen linkages with organizations working on YRSHR related issues.  



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