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 Awareness about sex is needed to creat among people in the society.I'm very much frank with my friends on this topic, but not with the family.I discuss this types of matter also with my sister.But I can't have a frank discussion with my parents.I have nice discussions with my classmates,whether that person is a boy or a girl.But due to this frank speech,my neighbours are having a negative approach towards me.Wheneverany of my male classmate come to my house,my neighbours startsaying negative about me to my mother and she starts scolding him without any reason.My fther is a colonel hence it is usual that he is very reputed in the society. So generally he asks me not to have any such conversation with my friends.It's more hard to have a conversation in the school, only some of the teachers are frank with us.They give answers to our query.But some of the teachers ask us not to have any conversation with the boys.So i strongly feel that our elders should understand our curiosity and should involve themselves in our conversation.




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