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Welcome to this section......

We believe in equipping Young People with information and knowledge on sensitive issues concerning them, so that they are able to make informed choices and right decisions and are ready to venture into this world with courage and conviction.


We keenly look forward to your feedback so that we can make this section more useful. Enter your suggestions in the 'guest book’ and take a break by visiting  ‘Laughs and Giggles’.


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 Laughs & Giggles


 Information Base

The Information Base strives to satisfy your thirst for knowledge on multiple issues concerning adolescents and young people. You will have access to accurate and scientific information that has been put together by our team of technical experts. The section embraces a range of interesting issues on young people in a friendly format. So, go ahead and read through the various sections of the Information Base and impress your friends with all the amazing facts.  

 Hot Debatable

To be or not to be- we are humans and therefore we not only absorb, but also reflect upon any piece of information that we come across. The ability to react and put ones thoughts across is a unique boon to us, which no other species on this planet Earth has. To get across your viewpoint just post your thoughts here and join the debate..…. Learn from people and let people learn from you through this section.  

 E - Counselling

A team of qualified medical professionals and psychologists address queries on various issues ranging from sexual concerns to reproductive health problems and much more. So go ahead and ask us all that you ever wanted to know about ‘growing up’ but hesitated to talk about. The response to your queries will be prompt and your identity will remain confidential.   


All that you wanted to know about the physical, mental and emotional changes in your body and mind.... about relationships....about day-to-day problems that you face...but didn’t know whom to ask, are answered here by a panel of experts.. so, enter this section to find the answers.   

 Young Voices

Listen to the voices of young people from the ground as they express their views and opinions on issues which matter to them the most…what do they think? What do they feel? What do they want the whole world to know? Add your voices to make yourself heard.   



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